Skin Method’s Approach to Skin Tightening

There are several skin tightening treatments out there! You may have heard of Morpheus8, Ultherapy, or Thermage, for example. At Skin Method, we use Fotona for skin tightening. This article will outline exactly how Fotona works and what to expect from this skin tightening treatment.

January 26, 2023

Pregnancy: The Guide to Skincare 

Some women experience a lovely “pregnancy-glow”, while others struggle with dryness, melasma or sensitivity. Even hormonal breakouts are common during this time. So what’s safe and what’s effective while we are pregnant, and how do we all get that glow?! We’ve got the breakdown!

October 7, 2020

Glutathione For Glowing Skin!

Why Glutathione should be in your skincare routine | by Dr. Natalie Waller, ND.

This summer’s smokey-skies and new Covid climate have me thinking a lot lately about Glutathione, and I wanted to share a little info about this important tri-peptide

September 23, 2020

PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation Program

PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation program is a brand new series of treatments specifically designed for patients who are getting serious about their scalp!

August 30, 2020

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP is sourced naturally from your own blood, eliminating any risk of allergy or reaction. When injected into the scalp, PRP is highly effective in releasing growth factors to stimulate stem cells, which promote hair growth.

August 11, 2020

Treating Your Skin At-Home With Facial Tools & Devices

The next best thing to in-clinic treatments! Maintain your skin at home with these tools and devices in between professional services.

July 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Read about the changes we’ve made to our clinic to make it the safest space for our patients and staff as we return to work. Includes important information you need to know prior to your appointment and what to expect upon arrival.

May 27, 2020

What’s the deal with Retinol?

If there’s one hero product we always recommend to our patients looking for healthier skin, it’s retinol! Why? Because retinol treats a wide variety of skin concerns ranging from acne to aging. It’s a must-have in your skincare routine, so have read to find out more…

April 29, 2020

Treat large pores with Microneedling!

Lately we’re constantly get asked what procedure can help to shrink the sizes of their pores. Have a read to see how Microneedling can help!

April 26, 2020

Rosacea: Key Ingredients To Treat & Control

Rosacea can be a tricky skin condition to treat… when you don’t know what to look for in your skincare products. Let us give you the insider scoop!

April 19, 2020

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