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The Powerhouse Duo in Skin Rejuvenation!

Platelet Rich Plasma + Medical Skin Needling (PRP + MSN)

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a naturally occurring concentration of platelets in our blood that are crucial to wound healing. When used in skin rejuvenation during a controlled trauma (such as Medical Skin Needling) or injected into the deeper layers of the skin, PRP releases growth factors into the skin to expedite our body’s own repair process and stimulates healthy new collagen and elastin production.

PRP has long been used in such medical fields as orthopaedics, reconstructive surgery and dentistry. Now being used in dermatology for cosmetic facial rejuvenation with incredible results.

Benefits of PRP:

Regenerates tissue
Growth factors stimulate repair and healthy new cell production
Stimulates collagen and elastin production
Plumps and smooths crepey areas such as under eyes and neck
Softens under-eye hollows
Improve skin tone, texture and firmness in areas where hyaluronic acid fillers cannot reach or are not safe to use.

How is PRP obtained?

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin treatment vancouver

A trained medical professional (physician or nurse), draws a small amount of blood from your arm, it’s placed in a sterile tube that is spin in a centrifuge to separate the red and white blood cells from the plasma and platelets. The result is a higher concentration of platelets in the plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma).

How is PRP performed?

PRP is often performed together with Medical Skin Needling for overall skin rejuvenation, which we will get more into later on. It is also effectively used by injecting directly into the deeper layer of the skin to smooth out skin laxity or crepeness or to plump up fine lines typically around the eye area, nasolabial folds and upper lip lines.This wont replace a dermal filler for the deeper or pronounced wrinkles, however.

PRP Vs. Dermal Filler:

PRP injections stimulate your own collagen production for an overall facial rejuvenation and work best on areas shallow fine lines, sallowness and laxity to improve firmness and suppleness. While Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers are composed of a semi-solid material that works to actually fill deep depressions or folds in the skin, as well as add volume to lips, cheeks and chin, for more of a precise sculpting of the features.

Dermal Filler usually lasts 6-18 months and because they are bio-compatable the body naturally begins to metabolize them, repeated treatments are required to fill the area again.

As PRP and Dermal Fillers are meant for different purposes, the two types of procedures may be offered along side one another to supplement the other’s results.

PRP Injectable Prodecure, what to expect:

As mentioned before, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to divide the PRP. While the PRP is being prepared, your skin is cleansed and readied for the treatment. If being combined with Medical Skin Needling, a topical numbing cream is applied for your comfort.

The PRP procedure itself takes only around 15 minutes, relatively painless and no post procedure downtime is expected (this depends on the area being treated, but minor swelling, redness or bruising lasting a few days is common). PRP is made from the cells of your own body, virtually eliminating the possibility of side effects.

Results: The goal of PRP Skin rejuvenation injections is to improve skin elasticity, firmness, texture and soften lines. Results are expected to be seen within 3-4 weeks post-procedure and continue to improve with time. Three treatments spaced 1-2months apart are recommended to achieve best results.

The Powerhouse Combo:

When combining PRP with the needling procedure, the PRP is applied topically to the skin and penetrate deep down into the skin via the freshly created micro-channels. Microneedling with PRP application is the perfect treatment for skin vitality, texture, smoothing fine lines, treating wrinkles and scarring and thickening the skin for a more healthy and supple tone. PRP is also used o effectively and non-invasively treat Hair Loss in both men and women. It is a state of the art, non surgical, totally natural, alternative medical procedure used for the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning.

The downtime post-procedure is minimal, typically a patient may experience redness and minor swelling for 12 to 48 hours afterward, akin to a minor sunburn.

Results: Usually you will notice an immediate glow and some improvement in the texture, tone and vitality of your skin after the the first or second treatment.

More significant results will occur after 3 to 6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Collagen remodelling takes place over time. Skin will continue to improve over the next 6 to 12 months post treatment with proper home care regimen.

Microneedling with PRP creates permanent and dramatic reparative changes to skin, results will vary in each patient.

What is Medical Skin Needling?