October 7, 2020Pregnancy: The Guide to Skincare 
by skmethod

When it comes to pregnancy, its easy to become confused or overwhelmed on what to do and what not to do. It can be tricky to navigate your new skincare routine especially with so much uncertainty surrounding pregnancy, and what’s safe for both mom and baby.


A lot of my patients have asked which products they should be using or not using, what in-clinic treatments they can get done, and how to adjust their skin back to normal post-pregnancy.


As we know, many changes happen to the body during pregnancy, and one of those changes is our skin. Some lucky women get that lovely “pregnancy-glow”, while other mama’s battle dull and dry skin, or even the dreaded hormonal acne or Melasma (aka “pregnancy mask”), which is a hormonal condition that creates dark shadows on the skin. Its important to understand that there’s only so much we can do in-clinic during this sensitive time, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a whole lot you can safely do to care for your skin while you are pregnant.


There has been a lot of discussion on what products are safe to use during pregnancy and what is not. Active products that contain Retinol, Hydroquinone, or certain kinds of acids should always be avoided during pregnancy. These ingredients can irritate and cause sensitivity in the skin and are always recommended to be put aside for the interim. Its important to have a basic skincare routine set up with a proper cleanser, serum, and moisturizer to suit your changing skin.


The serum you use will usually be based on individual skin concerns and/or skin conditions (such as Melasma) therefore will be completely based upon your specific skin needs – whether it be dehydrated skin, dullness, acne breakouts, redness or sensitivity, and/or melasma, we have a serum for that!

I offer FREE online Skin Health Consultations every Thursday and some Tuesdays (book online!) where we can chat from the comfort of your home about what you’re personally experiencing with your skin during pregnancy. I’ll recommend products and treatments that are safe for your skin or we can make a plan post-baby for you also!


The Pregnancy Facial
60min | $135 

With your safety in mind, we have created the very best medical-grade treatment to treat your skin during pregnancy. I offer a customized, carefully designed facial treatment to deep clean pores and rehydrate your skin. Using a portion of the famous HydraFacial MD® Treatment Protocols, this is a highly effective facial to improve overall skin health, address fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, plus we target texture, oil production and control breakouts. During our Pregnancy Facial, you will receive gentle exfoliation and extraction of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing your skin with vital nutrients, antioxidants, peptides and Hyaluronic acid.


This relaxing facial continues with manual extractions for those needing a deep clean (or opt-out), followed by a hydrating and soothing Aloe firming gel mask which is applied with steam to help open up the pores and allow better penetration of product. We finish with a super soothing facial massage using the Osmosis Epic tool to aid in deeper penetration of specialty serums, leaving you glowing, radiant and relaxed!


When it comes to any uncertainty pertaining to products and ingredients, we always recommend consulting with your doctor to help determine the best skincare program for you. 


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