August 30, 2020PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation Program
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PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation Program Details

PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation program is an effective series of treatments specifically designed for patients who are getting serious about their scalp!

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Rejuvenation is one of the most effective, non-surgical, non-invasive, procedures to revitalize thinning hair. It is a completely safe injectable procedure since the PRP is sourced naturally from your own blood, eliminating any risk of allergy or reaction.

When injected into the scalp, PRP is highly effective in releasing growth factors to stimulate stem cells, which promote hair growth. Read Dr. Natalie’s PRP Hair Rejuvenation Blog to learn more about the PRP Hair process.

The addition of the Laser treatments spaced at intervals between sessions of PRP, stimulates more blood flow and cell turnover, which brings oxygen and nutrients that fuel healthy hair regrowth.

PRP + Laser Hair Rejuvenation is effective on patients experiencing hair thinning or loss of hair within the past few years as a result of weak or dormant follicles. Once the follicle has died entirely (baldness) these treatments will not be able to revive the follicles. So these treatments are geared towards prevention and early signs of thinning.

Laser Hair rejuvenation offers a safe and painless enhancement to the benefits of your PRP Hair injections. Our Fotona hair procedure utilizes an innovative method using laser technology that increases blood flow in the scalp, bringing oxygen and vital nutrients need in the stimulation of new follicle growth, resulting in fuller hair.

How our Laser Hair Rejuvenation works:

  • Our Fotona-certified laser technician passes the laser hand piece directly over the scalp in a back and forth motion. The heat from the Laser is absorbed into the cells, then coverts to light energy which stimulates dormant or weaker hair follicles, reviving them back to life in a sense, stimulating hair follicles to grow in strong and healthy.
  • Laser Hair treatments are spaced 2-4 weeks apart based upon the patients individually designed program.
  • The Laser Hair treatment is quick and painless, the entire scalp is covered in 15min as the technician works across your entire scalp in a methodical pattern.
*Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Program Breakdown:

  • Treatment programs are personally recommended for each patient by Dr. Natalie Waller, ND during a mandatory consultation to determine which is best suited to meet your personal hair rejuvenation needs. Consultations are available in-person or virtually via Telehealth for your convenience.
  • A built-in savings of $300 is included in both program totals.
  • Participants in either of the programs listed below are eligible to add a Glo & Go Plus Facial to any of their Laser Hair treatments for just $99, and are entitled to a 20% discount off a second PRP Hair treatment.

Program 1. Full treatment: 1x PRP + 3x Laser = $1,175

Program 2. Half Treatment:  1x PRP + 3x Laser = $900

Laser Hair Rejuvenation sessions can be booked separately from the above PRP programs for a cost of $250 per session if needles just aren’t for you or if you are just interested in treatment for prevention purposes. A series of treatments will still be required to see the benefits, and these would be booked every 2 weeks. Consult with Dr. Natalie to find out what will be best for you!

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*Before and after 3 treatments, 2 weeks apart Laser Hair Rejuvenation
*3 treatments, 2 weeks apart Laser Hair Rejuvenation


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