June 21, 2023Skin Method Shares Their Expertise on Maintaining Rejuvenated Skin
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At Skin Method, we are passionate about helping our patients look and feel their most beautiful, allowing them to walk through their lives with radiating confidence. – Skin Method Medical Aesthetician


After getting a medical-grade facial treatment from Skin Method, the post-treatment upkeep is just as important to optimize skin health. 

Our team of skincare experts has curated a guide to maintain this youthful glow and smooth complexion. So, keep on reading! 

Tip 1: Use Medical-Grade Skin Care Products  

The key to your skin looking radiant is medical-grade skincare. These products have undergone years of research and clinical trials to ensure you get the most corrective and preventative benefits from each product to protect your investment.   

Each medical-grade product is formulated carefully with active ingredients proven to work synergistically. While other products claim to have active ingredients, sometimes they are not formulated for optimal skin absorption. Medical-grade products are only sold in medical aesthetic clinics because you will need professional guidance in using these products. This also means your skin is getting the most benefits from a single product. 

Here are our product recommendations for maintaining glowing skin: 

  • OsmosisMD Purify – Enzyme Cleanser: An enzymatic cleanser formulated with fruit extracts to gently purify the skin of dirt and toxins. It also has essential oils to nourish the skin and exude a smooth and radiant finish.  
  • ZO Skin Health Complexion Renewal Pads: Achieve deep exfoliation and pore-cleansing at home with these renewal pads. It is formulated with glycolic acid and botanical extracts to effectively exfoliate the epidermis while infusing antioxidant benefits. 
  • OsmosisMD Spring Mask: This enzyme mask is infused with yogurt, inulin, and lactic acid formulation to soothe the skin, balance your skin’s microbiome, restore hydration, and improve skin firmness. 

Tip 2: Get your advice from a Skin Method Practitioner 

Consulting with our knowledgeable skincare professionals is crucial for achieving your desired outcomes. Our medical aestheticians are highly skilled and trained with all things skin- they know the physiology of skin, an in-depth knowledge on treatments and skincare, and they will take the time to make sure you are fully equipped to start your skincare journey. While product recommendations from social media can be informative, our practitioners will help you narrow it down to results-driven treatments and products, and they will know best what works with your skin type. 

Tip 3: Discover More Treatments to Get the Best Results 

Now that you’ve achieved a radiant glow after a facial treatment, why not take it a step further? Our clinic offers a range of treatments designed to work in combination with each other to maintain youthful skin longer and to address specific skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne. 

  • Fotona Dynamis Pro: Fotona is a non-invasive laser treatment for skin rejuvenation which can target concerns like hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, laxity, and dull skin. This unique dual-wavelength device effectively heats the deeper layers of the skin, allowing safe and controlled delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area.   
  • Neuromodulators (Botox/Dysport): The repetition of motion on our face creates the wrinkles you see on your forehead, in between the brows (elevens), and around the eyes (crow’s feet) over time. Neuromodulators are used to relax these muscle movements to prevent wrinkles from forming. This treatment can be started even before turning 30 as prevention. 

Tip 4: Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle  

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary to preserve the results of a facial, or any treatment. To achieve this, consider the following steps:  

Get your Body Moving  

Exercising helps increase blood circulation, which helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This process helps reduce signs of aging, and to keep your skin looking youthful. Activities like lifting weights or running daily are a wonderful way to regulate the body and maintain healthy skin.  

Eat & Drink Nutrient-rich Sustenance  

You’ve heard this many times, but we must reiterate it. What goes in your body also reflects on the outside. Nutrient-rich whole foods are good for your entire body, including your skin. Hydration is also a key factor in reducing dryness, which can lead to flaking or cracking of the skin. 

Say No to Nicotine  

Smoking will ruin your skin. Nicotine, formaldehyde, and other harsh chemicals in cigarettes can irritate and damage your skin. It can also reduce the amount of oxygen that can reach your skin, making it look dull and grey. 

The repeated action of puckering the lips while smoking, combined with the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, can accelerate the skin’s aging process and contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area.  \  

Good Sleep Hygiene

During sleep, your body goes into restoration mode, repairing and regenerating damaged cells, including the skin. Adequate sleep reduces inflammation, improves skin barrier function, and decreases dark circles around the eyes and puffiness.   

Find Inner Peace   

Meditation is amazing for our stress levels and, consequently, for the skin.  

Since stress causes inflammation in the body, its reduction can lead to a brighter complexion and an overall healthier look. 

Book a Consultation With Skin Method  

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